Friday, 4 March 2011


Pine nuts, pine nuts... Well my original memory of pine nuts was Dec 2005. Rosa was cooking me a vegetarian meal, which included pine nuts. I was watching her prepare, and being student halls, there was nowhere clean to lean on the surfaces, so I leant on a hob, naturally. However, it was on, and had been on for SOME TIME. My hand stuck to the hob, I ripped it off, leaving a nice hand shaped mark behind. I was in total shock and Rosa still had her back to me cooking, and was oblivious, until I fell to the floor, cradling my shriveled up claw hand. As soon as she realised what was going on, she hauled me over to the sink and as I floated in and out of consciousness she rang an ambulance and kept my hand under cold water. Ambulance arrives about 45 mins later? Great help. Could've WALKED quicker to the hospital. Then again it was New Cross, and they defo probs had more important things to worry about, like gang shootings and rape. So they wrapped my hand in cling film and told me I'd frozen my hand, which was a BAD IDEA, and that over the next hour my hand would "re heat back up" and it would be agony. I fainted. Again.

Burns unit: Rosa by my side, my hand was dressed and it looked like a mummy, a fat mummy at that. I kept passing out from the pain. And considering my burn wasn't actually THAT bad compared to the people who were head to toe... I was turfed out, with NO DRUGS!? I fainted again on the way out, poor Rosa had to DRAG me across the floor, god I am actually laughing whilst remembering this. A very nice paedeatrician took pity and gave me some VERY STRONG DRUGS. They helped. I was told not to take more than 8 in a day. I took them within 6 hours and was flying.

Anyway... I digress.... Pine nuts are my new favourite snack in the world. I love them. That is all...

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