Thursday, 17 February 2011


Continuing the birthday treats, Alex took me to Sketch for cream tea. I LOVE SKETCH. I've only ever DJ'd there before, so the parlour was a new experience for me. I was greeted with the most beautiful bunch of flowers and (lordy) a cake from Pain, which I ate later that night...

We stepped through the looking glass into a modern lewis carroll world of rotating mirrors, swinging walls and encrusted cross toilet seats. Fabulous.

I like it when places "take my coat." It reminds me of old traditions, times that are now gone. Manners that are now gone. Of course everyone was French in the place, it adds a bit of class no?

We had cream tea- I had Jasmine, Alex had English Breakfast (for a change......) Scones were perfect. The staff actually took the liberty to make me a special birthday treat. Of their own accord! SO LOVELY. Why can't everyone be nice?

We finished up, and were fancying a drink now, so headed over to Bob Bob Ricard for a sneaky Champagne cocktail. The tiling in this place is incredible- turns out it was Alex's dad who supplied the tiles. Snazzy. I LOVE the pink waistcoats, I LOVE the pink cloakroom cards and I LOVE THE BUTTON YOU PRESS FOR MORE CHAMPAGNE. Totally.

We then went to old favourite The Stockpot on Old Compton St for a truly homemade dinner. Super super cheap and super super tasty.
Now I KNOW that does not look that appetising, but it really is. That is the homemade pate right there.

Thankyou to my wonderful baby sister for a lovely evening.

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