Friday, 25 February 2011


How I managed to work in Notting Hill for TWO YEARS and not even notice this place/ hear of it is beyond me, but the past is behind me and I must move forward...

The Coronet is an old cinema, still decked out in its original furnishings and fittings. Red velvet and ornate chandeliers galore. Paul and I celebrated Valentine's a day early, as to avoid the rush, and also, as it fell on a Sunday, we got to spend the whole day together. We thought the cinema would be RAMMED, however there was barely a soul in there ad we practically had the place to ourselves.

We went to see Never Let Me Go. I was expecting fireworks, I got sparklers that fizzle out after four seconds. I KNOW KEIRA KNIGHTLEY IS IN IT, and she ruins all films, but she was a supporting actress so thought I could push past it. Carey was great, Andrew was AMAZING, but there was no real direction. I appreciate the story line, and am actually very drawn to it, but I came out completely unaffected about a subject that should really get you wired. Maybe this was the point? To instill a feeling of normality to it? 6/10. Worth a go, but mebs just wait to DVD.

The Coronet also do a £3.50 deal on ALL SHOWS on a Tuesday, which we took advantage of this week to see The King's Speech- best film I've seen in a long long while. But more of that later...

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