Saturday, 12 February 2011


Last Wednesday we had a gig at the Borderline as part of the XFM/ HMV next big thing showcase, along with Luna Belle, and Wolfgang. The show was sold out, so we were all extremely excited.

We hired MASSIVE amps for the tiny venue, and could barely fit on stage, which was rather amusing, considering all the other bands amps were about a quarter of the size. HELLO EAR SEIZURES.

Soundcheck was fine, then we had dinner in the pub next door. Who walks in? WHO WALKS IN?! BRETT ANDERSON. And I have not ONE scratch of make up on. MORTIFIED. Absolutely mortified. RAN to the toilets to paint my visage. By the time I get back upstairs preened and shined he has re located to the VIP section of the room- to which I am not part of. JESUS.

Anyway, I had more important things to worry about. Dave Berry introduced, and went on to inform us that Brett Anderson was in the audience. THANKS FOR THAT! Now my legs are jelly. GREAT. The gig was amazing, and wait for it- Brett actually was bobbing along to us, and said he loved us. SERIOUSLY BEST MOMENT EVER. I have never ever been to HOT on stage, the lights were like touching my head practically. Had a little faint when I got off stage. Graceful. Good look.

I then went out to find Brett, and he had disappeared. Like a ghost in the night.

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