Friday, 11 February 2011


For a while now, I have been awaiting the arrival of Miss Annie Vaughan, Ruby's best friend from Australia. She is studying jewellery here for a year, so was super excited for FINALLY meet her.

Ruby took me to Garlic and Shots for food, and (stating the obvious) shots for my birthday, and Annie came along too. They actually do super nice food. The garlic bread was amazing, again stating the obvious, but anything with garlic in was insanely good. We all had a blood shot- pretty much a spicy bloody mary, yum yum yum. Eyes and nose watering.

Ruby bought me the most beautiful jumper from ACNE. I'm a lucky lucky girl.

At some point of the evening we got on to underwear (no I cannot go ONE day without talking about it...) and Annie had only brought over TWO BRAS FROM AUSTRALIA. Well I was distraught. So we all agreed to go underwear shopping on Saturday. YEYYYY.

Saturday- point of call NOTTING HILL. Here we have a selection from AP, Myla and What Katie Did AND the market's on. Fun times all round. We picked some food up from The Grocer on Elgin and started out at What Katie Did. I saw Annie as a leopard print kinda sexy lady, so she tried on the tremendous Josephine Set, and after persuading her she was in fact a cup size bigger than she originally thought she looked INCREDIBLE. Full set SOLD. Super super hot.

Now I am getting "new underwear envy" so decide I simply HAVE to buy new underwear, even though I'm TRYING to be good to save for Morocco. Nevertheless, I bought myself the Love Red set from Agent Provocateur. Valentine's day is around the corner after all...

On way home I bumped into a cherub charm bracelet. My mum is always saying Angels are watching over us, I take this as a sign, and snap it up for a mere £20. Bargain. Haggling skills still intact.

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