Friday, 11 February 2011


For those who are unfamiliar with Bodeans, let me take this opportunity to enlighten you. It is 100% pure American ranch food. Attention to detail is not skimped upon. From the piggy head door handle, to the wooden branch like light fittings, the decor is as good as the food.

Tonje and I always like to frequent when we meet up. I always get the pulled pork sandwich- complete with chips and coleslaw (which I substitute for creamed corn YUM) it's super reasonable. The BBQ sauce- which is their own is quite simple the BEST BBQ sauce I have EVER tasted. I wish I could buy it.

To add to the experience they always have the ice hockey- or whatever big American game is on at the time- on the flat screens in the background.

It will make you feel so full that you may actually pop, and you will most definitely waddle home. But without a doubt, you will DEFINITELY return.


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