Friday, 25 February 2011


Now back in August last year, when R O M A N C E first signed to Fiction, they treat us to a meal at Maggie Jones'. I always vowed to take Paul back there for an evening.

It is a true English rustic restaurant. With baskets of lavender hanging from the ceiling, wooden "booths" and pots and pans hanging from above. The atmosphere is extremely private, lighting not going above "candlelit." Booking ahead is essential. We were given a beautiful booth to ourselves next to the window on the first floor.

My most favourite thing about this restaurant is their HUGE wine bottles, you pay for what you drink, they mark the wine at the start and end of the evening. I had the stilton mousse to start and chicken with gravy for main (it was Sunday after all.) There is more adventurous dishes like venison and pigeon- I wasn't in the mood for adventure today though. Amazing amazing service, and incredible food.

We had two starters and two mains- no dessert and wine for £75. Not the cheapest, but worth a treat for a special occasion.

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  1. You look gorgeous, the place looks gorgeous, your beau looks gorgeous - you should change the name of this blog to "My Gorgeous Life".