Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Now everyone from Newcastle knows of Tynemouth Market. It is a metro station, that on Saturday and Sundays also acts as a market. Anything can be bought here. From antiques to records, from local produce to light bulbs. All cheap as chips! I try and go every time I come if I can. Being the 2nd Jan I checked the website to see if it was open. It said it was. We TRAIPSED all the way there to find out it was not. LIVID. You can just imagine how radged I actually was, so Paul bought me a creme egg to shut me up- novelty holiday chocolate always does...

So instead of crying that the market was not on we took a stroll along the coast. As I have previously mentioned the sea is like my escape. Tynemouth beach in particular is very nostalgic for me. I find it really sad that neighbouring beachtowns such as Whitley Bay have become like ghost towns. What was once one of this countries main seaside holiday destinations, less than 100 years ago (before all the cheap flights and package holidays) is now derelict. Nevertheless, beautiful. Everything is so quiet. Shops, casinos, aracades, all still there, just not open. It's almost as if it is asleep. Everyone up and left overnight. The grade 2 listed dancehall stands lifeless, unused, stunning.

After watching the tide come in- at an astonishing rate, mesmerised by the HUGE crashing waves- quite frightening actually- we went for (more) tea and scones. I swear I'm actually going to turn into a scone. I have to get my share of cheese scones when I'm in Newcastle though. I think it's a Northern thing? When I first made them for Paul he thought I'd gone mad. Happy to say he is a convert though, dipping them into his tomato and basil soup, like a true Northerner. I'll make a Geordie out of him yet. Just need to work on the accent. It still sounds Jamaican.

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