Wednesday, 5 January 2011


New Years day was brief. Which was annoying. As we had planned to get up super early and go walking in the Cheviots. Turned out we woke up at 9am for breakfast, then went straight back to sleep until 2:30. MAJOR FAIL.

We did have a good hour and a half walk though before darkness set in and forced us to retreat. The Cheviots are beautiful. I got lost in imagining hundreds of years ago, all the people who would have rode through on their horses etc etc. It probably looks exactly the same, apart from the "Warning, falling rocks signs" and such. We met a hideous horse, Paul made me stand next to it for a picture, but he started coming closer and made a weird noise (the horse, not Paul), I sensed he could sense my fear and decided the "fun time photo" wasn't worth it.

Traditional Curry on New Years Day finished the start to 2011. Happy as Larry.

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