Friday, 7 January 2011


I decided I wanted to get back into Ballet. It has been a seriously long time but I'm feeling positive. Rachel and Cherish also came along with me.

The teacher had never taught a beginner class before, so started flying at me with all the french terms which I have completely forgotten, (not her fault, I did actually tell her I had done ballet a LONGGGGG time ago, my bad, should have just told her I had no experience at all...) OH DEAR, it's going to be a LONG hour and a quarter. I have crap posture, but I managed to eventually master the tummy tuck whatever the hell that is. With Rachel in front of me looking amazing, and Cherish the other side who is actually very good, I just felt crap by the end of it. Not exactly what exercise is meant to do?

Had ONE drink in a bar and was drunk. Not drinking after exercise again. I walked home vowing to go back next week and hopefully it will have become a bit easier. ermmmm. Here's hoping anyway... Things can only get better right?

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  1. Ballet is an unusual choice for "exercise" no? Pilates, yoga or step classes would probably be more useful in that respect. It's a beautiful art form, though. The incredible San Francisco/Sacramento ballerina Chloe Felesina ( is a friend of mine.