Saturday, 22 January 2011


A great start to the year. What can be better than touring with one of your favourite bands? We were lucky enough to be approached to open for The Cult at the end of last year. After their success of touring the LOVE album in 2010, the band decided to revisit some old material including Southern Death Cult stuff (AMAZING)

Tuesday 18th kicked us off in Leeds, no soundcheck. Line check straight into a gig. Bloody awful.
Me and Alex then got VERY drunk in some VERY questionable places with some VERY questionable people... Back to the travel lodge for 5am. Excellent.

Wake up feeling not hungover at all. I was scared to move in case the hangover kicked in. It didn't. WIN. Bristol is a beautiful city, and we got a slight line check this time, and we even managed to come off stage for ten mins before playing. That ten minutes really makes all the difference to calm your nerves and regroup to prepare for live. It was a much better show, with a great monitor mix. We loaded out in record time and drove back to London.

Thursday saw a day off. I literally vegged out all day and watched Dawn Porter, extreme wife and that gypsy wedding programme. Perfect day off, however, I did feel a little guilty that I got NONE of my to do list done.

Friday was London. Hammersmith Apollo is by far my favourite venue in London. It is incredible. The gig was fantastic... Paul's family came to see me, which is always brilliant. They are so supportive, and it means so much to me. THANKS GUYS :). Early night this one, JUST caught the last tube home.

Saturday was Cambridge. I LOVE CAMBRIDGE. This was the best dressing room we've had so far, mainly because I couldn't see my breath. Always a bonus. We were also sharing with Master of Reality. LOVE THESE GUYS! Not only do they let us share their rider, but they are SUPER COOL people and I love them, ALSO ABBY USED TO BE IN ELASTICA!

Sunday, we were not particularly looking forward to. Bournemouth. However we were proved wrong. By far the best gig to date. The crowd were amazing and the little boys were going mental. THANKYOU BOURNEMOUTH you are super cool.

Sunday drive back, fell asleep all the way to London.


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