Thursday, 3 February 2011


Week two started off with a day off. I got up and did my yoga class, Aggi from How Clean is Your House was next to me, she was amazing! I have seen her meandering around Stokey a few times. I then went to meet Amylee for lunch in Marylebone and to pick up my pictures I took for an exhibition there in June. The Prince Regent next door to Apartment C does a great fish finger sandwich. YUM. I then went to meet Alex for a coffee in Fulham Broadway, and Cece came to take a picture of me for her project which is following 6 people over the course of a year, capturing their development, taking one picture a month. Stayed over at the in laws and caught an early train home to pack for the week ahead.

Tuesday was Nottingham. I was excited to see Sophia. We played well, and the reception was great. I met a midwife back stage- not on duty thankfully- who made me want to drink the WHOLE ALCOHOL CONTENT OF BACKSTAGE, it was petrifying. She was fab, but has defo put me off children for at least ten years. Paul Mcgregs also came along so was nice to catch up briefly. Emily came for the night and bought us alot of Jager. Good girl. We then went out with Sophia and John, who techs for Masters of Reality. Nottingham is the only place I got inappropriately touched up by members of the audience FOUR times. Thanks guys. Thanks alot. "He was only trying to touch your bra strap. He wasn't being pervy." Came the CRAP out of some pervs mates' mouth. OH IM SORRY, THATS OK THEN... PLEASE GO AHEAD. FAB.

Sophia and I.
My new best friend "The Midwife"
Paul McGregs and Jamie.
The perks of sharing a dressing room with Master of Reality
Night time snack with Alex.

Wolverhampton, well, although we played well, this was probably the least full of the gigs on tour. Good crowd response however, which is all that matters. I guess people in Wolverhampton go out a little later as it soon filled up for Masters and The Cult. We found THE MOST AMAZING vintage shop just outside the venue called Trisha's. Do pop by if you're in the neighbourhood, as hands down, this is the best second hand clothing emporium I have ever seen. Absolutely tiny, yet the clothes were incredible, and SO CHEAP. I wanted EVERYTHING in sight. However, baring in mind I don't have that kind of disposable income to purchase the whole stock, I settled on a cropped sheep skin, a leather bra with chain link straps, and a velvet cape with fur trim. OH YES. It all came to a whopping £55. BARGAIN. I also managed to nab Paul a couple of spotty shirts. Alex bought an amazing red paisley shirt, Jamie got some kneelength BLUE leopard print boots and David got two leathers and a denim jacket. HAPPY SHOPPERS.
Little Black Riding hood
TRISH- new hero.
Jamie's new footwear.

We drove back to Newcastle after the gig. I was looking forward to my bed at my Mum's house and lots of hugs. We arrived at about midnight, out like a light, slept till about 11am. Best sleep in a long long long long time.

Morning of the Newcastle gig me and my Mum had lunch. I had a GIANT yorkshire pudding with sausage and mash, and we had a long chat abut our family's history and her childhood. I never really knew my Grandad, as he passed away when I was 3, but I love hearing about him. I wish I could meet him now. I then went to meet Paul at the station as he was joining us for the last three dates. We had a walk around town then headed over for soundcheck.

The Newcastle gig was good, my Mum and John came of course. I always feel slightly strange playing in front of my Mum as I am scared to do "sexy" moves. Nevertheless she loved it, thankyou for coming Mum. I went home straight after the gig, I just wanted to curl up on the sofa with Paul and chippy chips. Prudhoe High St does the BEST chips.

Clemmy three cakes.

I was lucky enough that our day off fell in Newcastle. So I (my mum)took this opportunity to book a dentists appointment. I was SO brave, I had a small filling on the spot WITHOUT any numbing. I'm starting to conquer the fear. Slowly slowly.

We then went for a family dinner. Although I made a SERIOUSLY bad mistake in ordering chickens liver. Still having nightmares about it now. Greasy, yak yak yak.

In the evening Paul and I met up with my oldest, best friends Nathalie, Deborah and Laura. We were inseperable from 17-19, and although all doing our own things now, was lovely to meet up with them as a group and reminisce about how ridiculous we used to be, like seriously, hideously ridiculous. Cringeworthy is probably the word... Paul must have been bored stiff, although Alex did join us later so they talked "men" stuff no doubt?! Ermmmm....
Deborah and I

Saturday saw a trip to Glasgow, I LOVE GLASGOW. We discovered an amazing deli and sat in there for about 3 hours. The show was great, then onto Carlisle to stayover.

Manchester, last but not least was incredible! By the time we played there were easily 800 people there. Thankyou thankyou Manchester for the most incredible response. We added a song to the set this night, so played a little longer. Favourite fans Dave, Mike and Rick came along and were front row for this gig. Was lovely to see them. The guys had to drive back to London straight after we played, but me and Paul were staying over in Manchester as the next day was my 24th birthday and he was taking me somewhere special...

We got drunk drunk drunk with masters of reality and had a BALL. I ate a steak- BAD idea, I havent really touched red meat in over a year- I then violently threw this back up.

Beautiful end to the tour.

David soundchecking
Last night of tour in Manchester.


Thankyou to The Cult and to Masters of Reality for being incredible. You guys are totally insanely awesome and cannot wait to work with you again in the future.



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  1. Great times, thanks for posting. You look amazing!