Sunday, 16 January 2011


A couple of years ago my friend James took to me to the most incredible Japanese restaurant. Asakusa is the only place I have been to in London that matches the food I had in Japan. It is A- MAZING. Traditional decor and affordable prices, boasting "the best sushi in London." I met Marine there after practice on Friday (after my coat got SOAKED through by an air conditioner!?!?! BRILL- so I was walking around London coatless, true Geordie that I am- leaving a dripping trail behind me, god knows what people were thinking...)

I'm super glad that I booked a table. It is RAMMED with a queue out the door. SUCKERS. I LOVE Japanese plum wine, always gets me drunk quicker than normal wine? Maybe it's placebo. For starters we had nasu dengaku- which is aubergine with a sweet miso paste? Aubergine has never tasted SO GOOD and edamame beans yum yum yum.

Marine then had sashimi and miso soup and I had a salmon teriyaki set. Followed by green tea ice cream- SO OBSESSED with this. Was a very pleasant dinner, apart from the police and ambulance directly outside the restaurant police taping the area off. Super. Also there was an upset American next to me with a very nasal drawl. She was NOT happy with her partner. SSSHHHH leave your domestics at home PLEASE. Then she was embarrassed with him because he asked for a fork. Poor guy.

We then met Paul at a pub- with a playlist that was easily 6 years old- near the restaurant, on the way we caught a toff guy coming out of a "sauna massage parlour" he saw us and scurried into an off licence. DIRTY DIRTY MAN. Actual LAUGH OUT LOUD moment.

For anyone interested in the restaurant it's round the back of Mornington Crescent Station- on Eversholt Road and it's called Asakusa (020 7388 8533 for reservations)


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