Friday, 14 January 2011


Thursday was a very productive day. I met the beautiful Patricia, my sister in black, for breakfast on broadway market. Despite getting my order wrong then the waitress blaming it on the fact the man who took my order was French, slightly racist but whatever, it was a very pleasant morning. We even sat outside, I hope this is a sign that the winter is GOING AWAY.

I walked back through London Fields, I had some time to kill before I met Alex so got a chinese massage at my favourite place, however my favourite lady was not in and the massage was crap. I hate parting with my money when it is not justified. Ah well. I then bought Vogue- Victoria Beckham is looking HAWT- and took a leisurely journey to Green Park.

As we were walking to the pub, a man out of nowhere grabbed Alex and said "Im so sorry, I don't normally do this but you are beautiful bla bla bla, what's your name?" To which a reply came Alex... He then turned to me and said "So what's the coolest things about Alice?" So not only does he not LISTEN he is now dragging me into the convo. Now up to this point I think this is really sweet. Until his "mate" conveniently rocks up and starts chatting to me. Im now trying to figure out if we're being robbed by two toffs or if they're trying to steal our identities or if they are just two guys who ACTUALLY chat up girls on the street. Backed against the wall, bags behind me. I've been pickpocketed before, these chaps aren't getting away with it. They are VERY intense and "up in our grill" And they actually say things like "What do you normally do when you're not chatting to good looking guys?" OH GAWD, people actually say this still?!... I'm looking around for a camera crew? They eventually go, but Alex got cornered into giving them her number. DEAR GOD. Now they have her name AND her number?! Am I turning into a cynic? Maybe these guys were genuine, and actually NICE... And I'm getting way to sceptical as I loom further and further towards mid twenties... Well you never know... London does have some nice guys?

I am genuinely shook up after this and trying to make sense of it all. Bottle of wine calms me down. We had a very very nice lunch and I got some very very nice Christmas presents (I know CHRISTMAS PRESENTS... Little late there Alex... jeeeeez)

Half tipsy we then teeter over to the Wolesley for cream tea. I am in awe of the interior. Incredible tiling, and the uniforms are pretty great too. I had Jasmine tea, and Alex had English Breakfast. Truly some of the greatest Jasmine tea I have ever had. We sat here for a while, then braved the rain and walked to the tube station to go to Adham's exhibition.

Adham is without a doubt, one of the loveliest most genuine people I have ever come across. He is a true artist and a beautiful being to be around. He was holding an opening for his exhibition Legend II at the Aubin Gallery on Redchurch St.

"A legend is a narrative of human actions that is perceived to have taken place within human history" Through different mediums- including sculptures and video as well as prints- Adham explores the concept of "legends" He will also be hosting two evenings in the Aubin Cinema to compliment the subject:

January 22nd 4pm: "Legend: Dance in the service of narrative" Adham Faramawy, Susu Laroche and Reba Maybury

Feb 19th 4pm: "The Legend of Michael Jackson" Alex Williams

The exhibition runs from now until February 20th.

After congratulating Adham on a huge success we went home and Paul cooked me beans on toast and watched Eastenders and for half an hour I felt like a student again.

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  1. Sounds like you and your friend were hit on by a couple of (wannabee) pickup artists. Those lines are just too pre-cooked and the wingman routine too obvious. So not a scam in the sense of trying to sell you anything or steal identities, just chancers trying to get into your knickers.