Monday, 13 December 2010


So our country retreat came to an end. A strange feeling washed over me when I finished my parts. Never again will I record a debut album. The one and only time is now over. I miss it already. This part of the journey is now completed.

But of course the excitement for what is to come, is a little more overwhelming than my nostalgia (already) for recording last week.

Into the studio, back in London, this week for vocals. I popped in today to see how it was going. Jamie sounding more black with every verse and chorus. His voice never fails to blow me away. Even though i've been hearing it for well over a year now.

Can't believe before this year is done, we will have a finished album- mastering and mixing aside.

It's funny what happens in a year.

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  1. Next you'll be dealing with the final production and Mastering.. probably the scariest part of the entire process as this stage can either make your work amazing or completely sink it (and you're not as in control!).
    Best of luck!