Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Today David and I went to Harley St Hearing to get our ears moulded for custom ear plugs. I made Emily come with me because I am so pathetically panicky in any given situation that involves any kind of Doctor.

After shoving cotton wool so far into my ear I swear I could feel it in my eye, she checked I was still conscious before feeding a syringe of what looked like play dough into my ear. It felt gross. I completely freaked out and as I spun round on the swivel chair flapping, told her I could only do one ear at a time. I don't think she was impressed with my babbling on about god knows what about gods knows everything. David then turned up- and did BOTH of his ears in HALF the time it took me to have one done. Brave boy.

I could feel the silicone expanding, which then freaked me out even more, so I put my head between my legs to stop myself passing out. I was super relieved when she pulled it out, and very grateful that none of it had been left in my ear. Trauma over. Oh wait, I have to have THE OTHER EAR DONE... As apparently (obviously) both ears are not the same.

May I take this opportunity to thank Emily for coming with me, and David for not laughing hysterically at my feebleness.

After the ORDEAL of the ear moulding, I went to get my feet done by garra rufa fish. I've heard alot about this treatment and was feeling left out, so on my way to visiting Kate in Notting Hill, I swung by Queensway to get it done. Basically, toothless fish suck away your dead skin cells, whilst leaving your "live" skin to stay alive. Thanks for that. It felt really comforting, though tickled ALOT.

All reservations I may have had aside about how much a toothless fish can do for my feet, I was wildly impressed. They are silky smooth and BEAUTIFUL (OK, feet can never be beautiful, but they are the best they've looked in a while.)

Please ignore my chipped nail varnish...

Also, apologies for not getting any pictures of the ear moulding. I was freaking out WAY TOO MUCH.

Thank god I don't have to get that done for another four years.

Over. And. Out

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