Thursday, 9 December 2010


Day eight, was yesterday.

Unfortunately I missed day six and seven- I stayed in London after the weekend as on the Tuesday my boyfriend, Paul had bought me a ticket to one of our favourite bands Suede at the O2.

I have never been to the O2 before. I have mixed feelings on it. North Greenwich itself doesn't really have much of an atmosphere... and from an artist's point of view... "We love you Greenwich" doesnt really have the same ring to it as "We love you Brixton..." fortunately I wasn't the one playing at the O2, Brett was. And myself and the other 15,000 people were super impressed. The aura, alone was enough to get me crying. Worth, the wait. Personal highlights, were Living Dead, Next Life and We are The Pigs. Neil was looking good, Brett on top form... So incredible to have experienced one of our favourite bands together, reform and deliver.

Well. DONE.

So after a very rushed train journey back to Banbury and Tom forgetting to pick us up (Tom is on the LIST) we arrived at 12noon and caught up on the whole she bang. Jamie has now finished his guitar parts. And Alex is steaming on through. Well done team R O M A N C E.

I'm excited.

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  1. Lucky guys! Myself traveled 700 km one way to Stockholm just to see them, and it kinnda sucked, played every single one of the few bad tracks they've done. this hollywood life, she, killing of a flashboy, filmstar, can't get enough!