Wednesday, 29 December 2010


It baffles me that no matter which way the weather goes in Britain, we cannot seem to cope with it. Hot or cold, we have no hope. It either has to be middle of the road, grey, and crap or the whole transport system breaks down. If it's slightly over 25 degrees we have people dying of dehydration, if it's under freezing people are dying of frost bite. Other countries manage it, but not good ol' Blighty.

Anyway the kerfuffle of all the train problems had been worrying me. Some overhead wires had gone down at Peterborough on the Tuesday, but that gives National Rail two days to sort it out- No worries... MAYBE... Come on England...(please)??

Wednesday, the catastrophe from the day before proved to have developed 5 people wide queues for replacement trains from their cancelled ones the day before. SUPER.

Thursday, all the worrying aside we managed to get our train. After arriving way too early, as I had convinced myself it would be MANIC and REALLY BUSY. It was neither. In fact it was not busy at all. We even got a seat at Kings Cross whilst waiting for our platform. Two McDonalds and One (very skinny) Vogue magazine later our platform was called and we were on our way. The train was actually quite empty too, I was a little unsettled by this. What had East Coast done with all the unhappy passengers? No way could two days worth of passengers gotten trains already... Slightly more pressing, I was a little more unsettled about the extended Russian family sitting in front of us with a small child that was loud and very happy. Yes this is WAY better than a grumpy screaming child, but it is a lot harder to justify my annoyance at a happy child. It was loud and insisted on banging a plastic toy off the window for all three hours. However, the gangster family prevented me from my usual over the top HUFFING and puffing. I just put my ear plugs in instead and slept, I even slept through the delay of the train in front breaking down. (Thank God, can you imagine my complaining if I had actually realised?!) I bet Paul was praying I didn't wake up and discover what was going on.

111:15- only fifteen minutes delayed. HELLO NEWCASTLE. I am HOME :)

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