Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Eve Christmas Day and Christmas Day+1

Christmas Eve consisted of popping over to my sisters for dinner, catchphrase (Roy Walker era EXCELLENT, my team won obviously), family fortunes and carrying a pool table into the living room (when I say carrying, I mean I directed where people were carrying... which is just as important and difficult a role), which had been hiding in the neighbour's garage. I then went on to "VM" the presents. Makes all the difference.

Christmas day the family went out for Christmas dinner. The family is getting too big to cook for now, so it's easier to go out. However, the service was appalling. My sister's husband complained and managed to get all of our drinks free. AMAZING. We then went back to my other sisters for drinks and more turkey. Eva is now at an age where she is really starting to understand Christmas. Of course by this I mean Santa and presents, not particularly the celebration of the birth of Christ etc etc. It's so exciting to watch someone believe in Santa again. I was one of those children who's imagination never ran out, and I actually had to be told Santa wasn't real. I remember the day with great pain. I probably cried. Don't even get me STARTED on the tooth fairy too.

Boxing day we went over to Rachel's again to give Eva her present as in the mad rush forgot hers on Christmas Day- worst Auntie EVER- I blame Paul. It's easier that way. Anyway she LOVED her Cath Kidston brolly and matching backpack. TRENDY BABY. Will be the envy of her friends at nursery with her threads ALL THE WAY FROM LONDON. She is always a little shy around me at first but I always manage to break her with the camera. And by break I mean break the ICE, not her legs or anything... She loves the camera, and is the most beautiful, happy baby. She then allowed me the pleasure of giving her a bath. "Manfa, come up here please..." we then went on to brush her teeth and read her a story. Copying everything I said. I could eat her up.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!


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