Sunday, 26 December 2010


After coming home from the ballet, Paul and I decided to give each other our gifts. The anticipation was killing me.

Paul actually managed to source me the coat I have been hunting for for about 5 years. Literally could not love him anymore right now. It fits perfectly. I screamed with delight- now the woman upstairs hates me even more. I couldnt care less I am in love with my new coat- identical to the one from one of my favourite Suede songs. See below...

As well as this I also got "My so called life" boxset, as well as my faithful red heart sunglasses, that I painfully lost in a cafe not so long ago.

My second favourite present- the coat is ridiculously hard to top- was a collection of Brecht's poems. I have the first part, and the second part has been like chasing a ghost to me. Thankyou Paul for finding it for me.x.


  1. Ha ha. I am sure, thats polish girl. British arent so pretty :)

  2. She's English and is called Keeley Hawes.x.

  3. Ooops, she's so beaty, like Pole :)
    But, I must say, you was amazing too, Ipso Facto girls.
    I saw you at Brixton, before 30 Sec to Mars!