Monday, 23 December 2013


Venice Beach
Well better late than never.......

We drove from Twentynine Palms to the Cabazon Dinosaurs, a childhood dream of Rachel's. For those who have no idea what the Cabazon Dino's are, they are huge metal(?) sculptures of dinosaurs on the road side. Mind blowing, you can actually go inside the t'rex's mouth, but I couldn't be arsed. I hear it was shaky.

We also paid to go into the outdoor dino museum, with mechanical dinosaurs. This was hysterical (shit.) We then went to the WORST gas station diner EVER. We agreed never to talk about the grey chicken again (so apologies for bringing it back up.) The maltshakes were good though.

We drove into LA and straight to our final airbnb home in Abbot Kinney. Abbott Kinney is full of beautiful people. Even the ugly people are beautiful because they are so so happy. We were a 5 minute walk to Venice Beach, and the sun just shone shone shone!

The first afternoon we walked the length of Venice to Santa Monica and had some pretty bad mexican from what I remember, we then found an amazing bar called The Galley and got ratarsed here. It was all decked out in old school nautical objects with coloured fairylights, quite trippy.

Over the next few days we rode horses in the Topanga Canyon, rode the roller coaster in Santa Monica, saw Hollywood, put my fingers in the imprints at Mann's Chinese Theatre Show, watched wild dolphins jumping in the sea about 50 metres away from us in Malibu, got tattoos (Paul and Dan,) walked around and around and just became general beach babes. We ate in some mind blowing places- Gelina on Abbot Kinney and Swingers diner being my perdsonal faves. We ate in some not so nice places, cue 3 of the party throwing up in the 35 degree heat in the back streets on someone's left over pizza from the night before. LUSH.

The flight home was depressing to say the least, but I watched a fair few Leo movies to get my through it.

Thanks for the memories West Coast, you were amazing.

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