Saturday, 15 December 2012


So, it's been a while. I only recently remembered I had this blog, when I was trying to remember my favourite films, and lo and behold, of course! I did a whole post on it! So, off I trotted to re read my fave flicks. It was a bit like bumping into an old friend and chatting for hours.

So I'm back. Alot has happened, a lot has gone down.

I left the legion of pink ladies, to work in a yoga centre (who would have known after my years of dealing with the dreaded public, the worse type of customers were in fact in a YOGA STUDIO)

Pfff... More about that later. Treats for you all! Namaste and all that....

More exciting news, Paul and I are engaged and are getting married on 8th March 2013. No doubt, many a posts to come will be about this. (well, and CATS, obviously, sorry)

Speaking of cats, the cats are doing well, they are massive now. (Massive in both senses, one is rather tall and kind of the size of a TIGER and the other one is fat, kind of like jabba)

The only other thing, is I have watched Bridesmaids FOUR TIMES IN THE PAST MONTH. Is this some kind of record? I hope so.

Well guys. That's my catch up. I have missed you.

Here's to the future.