Sunday, 15 January 2012


Ok. So the Thatcher film may not cover enough monstrous qualities for the lefties. And it may not please the righties that we are showing her in such an undignified state, but I'm going to say I enjoyed the film nonetheless. Rather than bitch and moan about all the things it did or didn't cover may I bring back the fundamentals of film making. The cinematography and continuity were flawless. Meryl Streep was mesmerising. It is quite a task to cover a whole life time in two hours. I think it was an extremely graceful film, that showed human qualities, which believe it or not we all have, yes even the monsters. To be able to accept and see that surely is what separates us from animals? This does not in any way justify or explain her actions. And whilst the poll tax, and the trade unions could have been covered a little more in depth, it was not hidden or veiled. A good debate should always be seen and understood from both sides to make a fully informed opinion. There is no question where I stand. I was raised in Newcastle, one of the worst regions to be hit by thatcherism and these times will never be forgotten. I just feel a little angry that this film is getting such a raw time from left right and centre (literally) the execution, directing, acting, production, script writing, costume, casting, continuity and cinematography were incredible. Now can we at least appreciate that?? Thankyou.