Sunday, 18 December 2011

Pease pudding hot, pease pudding cold

For many years since moving to London, have I moaned and bitched that down South does not have pease pudding. A northern delicacy (pushing it?) I miss greatly.

So after searching out many a deli in the east of london, and only finding a measly tinned version (are we in the 1940s?) I decided to make Mama's recipe myself...

Under instruction to use a cloth hanky (do these still exist? I cut up an old pillow case instead- how modern) I wrapped 250g of yellow split peas and secured with a hairband. Popped 1kg of unsmoked bacon joint in a large pan and slung cotton bag in with and boiled for an hour and a half. Once the peas have swelled take out drain and mush with pepper and butter.

Now I don't like it hot as much. So I put it in the fridge to set. Voila.

As for the ham, I glazed it with honey an roasted for a further 45 mins.