Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dans Le Noir

AP Christmas party. Dans Le Noir.

After MILD panic attack at the entrance, and giving the other half of the group the wrong address, the evening went swimmingly.

Dining in the dark is a unique experience. One I was not prepared for. Guided by blind waiters- why blind waiters? Blind people are most comfortable with not being able to see of course, and therefore most confident- we waited with baited breath, as we allocated members of the party to carry out certain tasks. It felt much like a team bonding exercise, working together is key. Or you will end up with wine everywhere.

Not knowing what you are eating or where it is, is something I found particularly hard to deal with. As those who know me, know I have certain control issues. I don't eat this, and I don't like that, I don't like the idea of this, and I don't morally agree with that. High maintenance? Sure. Why not....

I found the best way to deal with the fact that you cannot see a thing, is to keep one hand on the wine glass, one of the water glass, one arm against the wall, and one against Olivia. I am aware of my surroundings, and can mentally visualise where things are. Almost.

The food comes, and I thoroughly enjoy everything on my plate. Your senses are heightened, and I found myself whittling on about the best cabbage I had ever tasted. And the spicy sausage (which turned out to be BLACK PUDDING, dear dear dear god)

Dessert was incredible. Thin layers of white chocolate with milk chocolate fondant in between. And raspberry jelly. Gross. Gave the jelly away.

I also found eating with knife and fork is out of the question. Fingers all the way. Thank GOD no one could see me.

Another bonus to dining in the dark is you can tell neighbouring tables to shut up and they have NO idea who it is. Win win.

Sneaky mention to the Maitre D that we are from AP and a cheeky discount is added to the bill. Naughty.