Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Totally smitten with Whole Foods. Paul DETESTS it, although I know he secretly loves it. He has a cetain denial to himself of his middle class upbringing. He likes to play the working class hero, but I've seen his family home, I've seen the school pics- oh the blazer, I know his secrets... He can't hide forever...

I always like to meander along Church St doing Stoke Newingtony things, and of course I pop in to the local Whole Foods, as you do. I LOVE it. I love the tester things, I love the salad bar, I love the fact that you can actually take your old ecover washing up liquid (and you KNOW we use that) and REFILL IT. See, everyone benefits.

Last time we went in we became obsessed with Dr Bronners. The liquid soap range was on offer, and I have to say, was completely sold on the packaging alone. They have the most amazing flavours, peppermint, almond, lavender, eucalyptus. You only need a very small amount and it lathers so thickly. Anywayyy, that's my new obsession and little treat to myself this month.

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