Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Last Friday I visited Liverpool to see my very old (as in time period not in age) friend Sarah, who is expecting her first baby :).

We have been very good friends since the tender (?) age of fourteen. It was so nice to meet up, everytime we see each other it is like no time has passed at all. This is when you know you have a true friend. We reminisced for hours about the times we used to get up to allll sorts. I'm so pleased for Sarah, she will make the world's most fantastic mother. Born to do it.

We literally just stayed in, watched The Hangover, extremely funny, and had a curry. Perfect night in. I was sad to go the next morning. But another day, another city... And on to Nottingham to meet Paul, as he had a day off on tour and as I was "in the area" I went to join him. It was also an opportunity to meet up with Sophia at uni. Alex also decided to join us so was a great chance to all hang out.

Nottingham is not my favourite city, to say the least... BUT I was in great company, and I had a VERY good shopping trip. Three tops and a pair of shoes. I felt guilty about the shoes. But they are so pretty, and I NEEEDDD HEELS. Sophia found a great little french bistro for dinner. Those two went out afterwards and had a fab night. Paul and I went back to our hotel.

Sunday we found a scabby pub and had the best roast ever. Paul got me the large one?! THANKS PAUL... making me look like a fatty. I couldn't finish it, so Alex and Sophia turned up and finished them off. Bargain lunch. Although it did make me look obese when that barmaid cleared the table and my plate was empty.

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