Saturday, 19 March 2011


On Thursday we did the press shots/ and album cover shot. SO EXCITING. Shot by the one and only Dean Chalkley. We have worked with Dean from the beginning, he has been incredibly supportive to us from day dot, so we wouldn't have anyone else shoot us for the album other than him.

Dean is one of the most incredible photographers. He manages to capture a band's attitude, charisma and direction in one shot. He knows us inside out, we have a great relationship both personally and professionally.

Arriving bright an early at Sunbeam Studios we got to work. We wanted to capture iconic images, that are timeless. More to come soon... Cannot WAIT to see them. Very exciting... I especially cannot wait for the "5% increase" on my legs and bum... HIGH FIVE!


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  2. That pic will induce terrible eighties flashbacks in some huge percentage of the vulnerable populace. I had to play a Woodentops track just to make myself feel okay again.

    And we need before/after pics to see if bum/leg tweaks really improve things.