Saturday, 19 March 2011


The events that have rocked Japan has shaken the whole world. I watched the news as it was happening, and could not help but feel completely helpless, witnessing people losing their lives in seconds. Nature is a petrifying force. It does not matter how far we come with technology or medicine, however many discoveries we continue to make, nature is always strongest.

Watching the death toll rise and rise and rise makes me sick. Not having someone to blame, no reasoning, no justification or cause behind the incident makes it so much harder to deal with. "It's just one of those things." The bitterness cannot be taken out on something that cannot be helped. It leaves a raw emotion that you don't really know what to do with. A very uncomfortable feeling.

Please, PLEASE donate to the red cross, they have teams working on the ground right this second helping with the devastation, and loss. Click here to read more...

My prayers and love go out to all my Japanese friends, and I thank god they are OK and safe.

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