Friday, 25 March 2011


Lo and behold, I've joined a gym!

And at £14.99 it is a very very good price I think you'll agree! Now £14.99 a month?! I was pretty sceptical. So I took myself along to Cambridge Heath to have a look around. It was amazing. So so bright, all natural sunlight, all new equipment, ladies only gym (THANK GOD! The last thing I wanna look at is men with neck muscles wider than their head and biceps bigger than their torsos grunting and sweating away... Although WOMEN who have that WOULD evidently be worse....) they also have a neon kinda gym, for the body conscious... looks kind of like a disco. FUN. All classes are also included barring yoga which is a small supplement.

Now my friendly personal trainer took me around. I genuinely LOVE him. I was HOPELESS. Barging straight in there "I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE A MAN, I DON'T WANT MUSCLES..." Flustering my way through the gym.... He was very patient, and quickly showed me how to use everything. I signed up on the spot. I hope he got some kind of commission? He was super fun.

More to report on my first session soon. No doubt THAT will be hilarious... For those who would like more info click here. They even use a hot model, rather than butch butch women who look like men... High Five.


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