Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I recently held a couple of couples dinner party for Marine and Hugh. In true housewife style I baked, whisked, simmered, boiled and panicked all afternoon...

I made bloody mary tomato soup- I seriously need to find a new starter...

1kg tomatoes sliced in half,
1 red onion diced small
rosemary sprigs
olive oil

bake for 45 mins, turning tomatoes halfway through.

Then 250ml vegetable stock and blend together. Sieve if you dont want bits. But I like bits. Add 2 shots of vodka at the end.

This is all bish bash bosh very easy. I then decided to cook Coq Au Vin, as Marine is French...

4 chicken breasts, roll in plain flour (seasoned with salt and pepper) and brown off in the frying pan (8min ish). Put chicken aside, add 200g bacon, chopped up, to the pan along with 250g chestnut mushrooms and a red onion chopped up. Cook for 5-10 mins then add 2 cloves of garlic, stir for a minute, add 600ml of red wine, bubble for a few mins and add 300ml of chicken stock and some fresh thyme. Cook for a couple mins. Add chicken again, bring to the boil then place in a casserole dish and bake in the oven for 2 hours on 180 degrees.


Dessert. I genuinely hate making desserts. But I like to make the effort... I decided to try Gordan Ramsey's ginger and chocolate cheescake. And for a dessert it was pleasantly easy.
50g ginger nuts, smashed up with a rolling pin (put in a bag first, I learnt the hard way....) melt the butter and mix together with biscuit crumbs. Pour mixture into cake tin- preferably with removable base, I do not have one of these unfortunately. Bake for 5 mins on 190degrees.

In the mean time whisk together 250g marscapone cheese and 200g fromage frais, add two large eggs and 35g caster sugar, whisk whisk whisk. Melt 150g dark chocolate with ginger in it (I used green and blacks yummm) and fold into the mixture. Pour over the base and bake for 50-60 mins, till it is set.

The evening was lovely, and I managed to refrain from drinking wine, due to vertigo tablets, well done me. I'm a proper lil housewife.


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