Friday, 4 March 2011


Paul and I went to Sadler's Wells last Tuesday to see The Centaur and the Animal- a collaboration of work from Bartabas and Ko Murobushi. I touched upon Butoh, a highly skilled and disciplined Japanese movement form which originated after WWII, in university. Ko Murobushi is one of the greatest performers of Butoh, and was taught from the founder himself, so I was extremely excited to see him in all his glory.

Bartabas is a world renowned rider, director and stage designer. This was his debut in London. His equestrian theatre, Zingaro travels all over the world. Ko Murobushi has worked with Bartabas and the horses using Butoh and the results are astounding. Slow in some parts- as Butoh is- but extremely beguiling, and visually arresting.

The show looks at the relationship between a man and horse, and how they become part of each other on some level.

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