Thursday, 13 January 2011


It actually PAINS me to say this next sentence. On Tuesday Rachel, Dan, Paul and I (yes that is a couple of couples) did yoga together- could we get any more Stokey!? Next we'll be shopping at Whole Foods together, after a decaf soy latte. Now I've been wanting to start Yoga for a very long time, as have the other party members, it's not like we were TRYING to go on a couple date to YOGA. Or were we.......

Anyway, I walked to Rachel and Dan's feeling uber healthy. Dan was wearing Rachel's jogging bottoms as he didn't have any of his own. LOL numero uno of the evening.

So we walked up to the "yoga class" buzzed on the buzzer and the reply was simply "We haven't had a yoga class here for half a year..." I felt a shiver down my spine, like in one of those films where something really freaky happens and you haven't quite worked it out yet. It was DEFINITELY advertised and we were DEFINITELY at the right building. Sadly we got no answer to the riddle. It just wasn't on. LOL NUMBER TWO.

Nevertheless, we were undeterred. Being Stokey there is BOUND to be another class on round the corner? There was. We were early so sat in the pub for half an hour first and talked about child birth- natch

I love yoga teachers. They are always mid forties, really good shape, normally wearing a breton top- today was no different. Loved her. I loved her way of speaking "this one a little more difficult for the chaps." LOL NUMBER THREE.

My favourite LOL of the night (number four) was when Paul was struggling with holding his legs straight so yoga milf came over and helped him whilst saying "just feel those muscles getting softer, softer..." I actually laughed out loud as this point, much to disapproving yoga swots annoyance... whatevs.

"Did anyone else see Jesus at the end?" FINAL LOL OF THE EVENING- thankyou Dan.

I was actually quite good at this class- FINALLY.

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