Wednesday, 12 January 2011


First practice back was on Tuesday. Now it is known amongst our band members we are not the most diligent rehearsers. We do have a knack of being able to remember things quite well in our defence, but none the less it was a very liberating feeling to be back in the studio playing our songs after a months break. And we are touring with The Cult (OH EM GEE) from the 18th so we thought best put some practice in. This was also the first practice with my new earplugs. I have befriended them now, and David showed me a much easier way to take them out. I have to say they are great. I can still hear everything perfectly, just a lot quieter. I have a feeling my monitors are going to be deafening. Totally defeating the point of the earplugs no?

I cannot believe how quickly this has come around. It seemed two seconds ago that we were recording in the middle of nowhere in a perfect haven. I was arranging when I could see friends after the Christmas break and it dawned on me that the start of tour is next week. A week today in fact. CANNOT CONTAIN EXCITEMENT. Touring is by far my favourite part of being in a band. I suppose it is most musician's favourite part. I love the routine. A new city every day. Wake up, travel, soundcheck, eat, play, drink, sleep. And repeat. I could repeat repeat repeat forever.

We met our new tour manager Brett on Tuesday as well. He is a lovely chap, and is incredibly smily and calm. A valuable quality since he'll be looking after us four for two weeks. God bless him.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing the new recordings and good luck on the tour!