Friday, 11 July 2014


So, six months later here we are, still married, nothing has been broken, apart from a very nice vase, which happened in the move, because Simply Removals were, quite frankly, shit.

The stress of living in a building site comes in waves. It comes in very strong tsunami style waves. The first three months, we had no kitchen. So were trying to be as inventive as possible with avocadoes, hummnus and pitta bread, as you can imagine, that got boring after about a week...

When I first saw running water in the kitchen I cried, when the base cabinets went in I was giddy and when the slate was tiled, I needed a lie down. It it quite incredible how a ROOM could reduce me to tears. I have always taken "the kitchen" for granted. I love to cook, love love love it. I love being in kitchens, it is the heart of a home, so to be without that anchoring for that long affected me more than I thought it would!

We currently have builders in five days a week, and the flat is eventually starting to take shape. We are on the home stretch now...

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