Wednesday, 6 February 2013


£950 I was quoted for flowers for the wedding. I was horrified. Near on a grand for something that is going to die within a week.

With that in mind I set about doing my own.


"You're absolutely crazy!"

Etc etc. insert quotes similar to above from majority of the world.

Nevertheless, I was not deterred.

So with maids of honours in tow I dragged them to covent garden flower market in Vauxhall (no idea why it's called covent garden flower market when it's not even in covent garden?!) at 6am (on a saturday) for a trial run...

The flower market was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It was like a secret garden. Absolutely outstanding. And a fraction, and I mean a FRACTION, of the cost.

We then set about making the flowers. Which was incredibly rewarding. I like the fact that me and my maids will have made them. I think it makes it much more personal and special. Not to mention saving my myself about £700.


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