Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Reflections part 2... Boy George

In May, the very same Deborah that got married last year, announced she was pregnant. I was absolutely gobsmacked for a second. In my mind we are still 18, we are too young to be pregnant!

But then I had an exciting realisation. We are in fact mid twenties, she is married, as I will be soon, and this is completely normal. I wonder if you ever feel your age, if we ever feel like we are not winging it. When I was 15 I imagined owning my own property and wearing a suit by the time I was 21 swinging a breifcase around, driving a sensible car. 21 came and went, and I certainly wasn't wearing a suit, I was driving my Mum's car when I visited Newcastle and no briefcase to be seen. It feels amazing to know someone through all these incredible mile stones and stages of our lives. Marriage, babies, houses, jobs... Growing up together.

As my first close friend to be expecting, I sent Deborah copious amounts of crap throughout her pregnancy, and bought "bits and bobs" as it progressed. She soon learned she was expecting a boy, baby George. George May. The months flew by, I couldn't quite believe my tiny teeny friend was going to have a baby! The bump grew, along with the excitement, and eventually on the 10th Dec Deborah went into labour two days early. 11th Dec, he was born. I barely slept that night, checking my phone constantly. I wish I could have been in Newcastle, but I somehow felt so close. I think in certain friendships distance means nothing (as long as you've got iChat!!!)

The next two weeks were longggg, but eventually on boxing day, I got to meet him. The little prince himself, as well as Deborah and Kris' beautiful new home. We talked about all our hilarious times, boring Paul and Kris in the process, and the future, all the many more milestones to come, and I am so excited for them all, and to know that Deborah and Laura will be around for them all.