Sunday, 23 December 2012


"Maid of honour" Arghhh. The dilemmas, the trauma, the tossing and turning and the umming and arring. After all of this, I decided not to have a maid of honour. I had narrowed it down to a short list of three, I felt like a casting director. Then it hit me, I didn't NEED to choose just one, I could have all three! My own gaggle of hens, MAIDS of honour, if you will.

These three ladies have been with me pretty much since I moved to London, I have been in bands with/ lived with/ worked with/ holidayed with/ laughed and loved these beautiful people for near 7 years. They have remained constant, even at times when constant meant not seeing each other for a few months, because you know, it's "LONDON", and that just kinda seems to happen, one minute its March and then it's August and Rachel has another new hair colour.

So let me introduce you to the lucky three.

Amy: Or better known as Theoretical Girl, I met Amy at 18. We met through our ex boyfriends (at least they were good for something.) On arriving in New Cross London Sep 2005 for university, we "freshers" headed to The New Cross Inn. A solo artist, Theoreticl Girl was playing a gig. I thought she was ace. Her hair was the reason I chopped off my waist length hair into a short black bob. A few months later, by chance, I started seeing a boy who just happened to be in the same band as Amy's boyfriend. Amy taught me to play bass, and the rest, as they say, is history. Amy is the sweetest, kindest, most generous person I know. And she always has AMAZING HAIR, oh and an IMMENSE record collection.

Rachel: Rachel, again, we have shared many a hairstyle (or rather, variations of the same hair style) We met each other, again through ex boyfriends, (what useful people these exes are turning out to be!) at a house party in Angel. Rachel was a little firecracker, 5ft 2 (ish?) and full of energy, and I just remember thinking "I have to get to know her!!!" She has the Madonna gap in her tooth, always been envious of, and despite me trying to pry open a space between my teeth it AINT GONNA HAPPEN. We then, by chance, started working together at Agent Provocateur in Knighstbridge, and many a ghost encounters and lounging in changing rooms later, we moved in together in Canonbury. Rachel was the front women in shriek beat band (is that what they called it?!) KASMS! She's such an incredible front woman, and we always always wanted to do a band together. The timing was never right.

Marine: aaaand again, through ex boyfriends! Marine was part of The Frenchies, (she will kill me for sayin this!) The DJ set from Nice. She lived in Holloway and she had a fridge in her room, with two double beds pushed together? We always used to eat curry from a joint frequented by the Darkness... Classy... She had this amazing mane, curly and blonde and to her waist. When we first met, we could not understand a word each other was saying, my geordie, and her half spoken English, but we drank through it. I helped her with her Geordie, she helped me with my French. For the first three years of our friendship, we insisted upon visiting EVERY Strada across London, and I had the same dish EVERY time. It was a comfort I guess? God knows... We took a ski-ing trip one year, and let's just say we have a difference in opinion on how to ski! Now a hot shot lawyer, with straight brown hair, and still every inch as beautiful.
Thankyou ladies, for being you. I love each and every one of you more than you can ever know!

Samantha x.