Monday, 17 December 2012


We have (I think, cleverly) decided to take our honeymoon five months after the wedding. Giving us something to look forward to after the wedding.

With the visions of David Lynch and Sonic Youth in mind, we teamed up with Dan and Rachel, and decided to drive the West Coast of America. (I hear what some of you are saying... why are we inviting another couple on our honeymoon?) Well... Quite frankly because they are ACE, and because I know either Paul or I will end up killing each other if we are driving in the desert on our own for three weeks! Surely you have to share an experience like this with other people, and who better than these two hotties??

Route to still be finalised, but I know it's gonna involved Death Valley and The Joshua Tree.

So role on August. I am also heavily researching snakes. You gotta be prepared... I shall be the Steve Irwin of our trip. (Hopefully won't die via sting ray)