Saturday, 20 August 2011

Our Friends In The North

Paul brought to my attention, a piece of TV history that, being from Newcastle, I should be ashamed of for not knowing about. Not only does it star Daniel Craig, Christopher Eccleston, AND a cameo from Malcolm Mcdowell, but it's based in sunny Geordieland itself.

Now, the Geordie accent is a hard one. Most people who dare to attempt often come out as some kind of Jamaican/ Indian (not naming names... PAUL) So all poised, ready to "catch out" every NON GEORDIE, for not perfecting the dialect and inflections in appropriate places, I was, indeed, pleasantly surprised, at the talent of all cast involved. Daniel Craig can officially do no wrong.

I would like to point out however, that Geordies do not go to the Tyne Bridge EVERY time they need to reflect. Life changing decision? Tyne Bridge'll sort you out. Wife dumped you? Don't worry, just look at that bridge. Someone die? Well just pop to the Tyne, it'll make you feel cracking. New office? View of the bridge? Naturally. Walking to your Mam's? Over the bridge? OBVIOUSLY.

We finished it today on a lazy (hungover) Saturday in tracksuit bottoms, biscuits (chocolate digestives, of course) and tea (green tea, of course.)

A thoroughly canny watch.

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