Thursday, 5 May 2011


I recently did a look book for ASOS for the incredible Simon Preen, shot by Socrates. His collection is immense. I am SO excited for it and for him. I'm sure he will be massive. Am even more excited that he has kindly agreed to ply me with clothes. Thankyou Simon.

I was also super excited to shoot with Socrates as we actually planned a shoot together a good few years ago in the Ipso hey-days, which never came about. I love it when things come back around, fate. When you click with a photographer it can be really special. Here's to the start of something beautiful haha.

Click HERE to view his beautiful collection. BUY BUY BUY!

Below is a lil sneaky peak at the collection...


  1. Great set, you look *amazing*. Need to decide who to gift these to, hmm. The Warrior Maxi Dress is just staggering, but Preen sure picked the right model for the collection as there a few women who look so right in black.

    Thanks for sharing the link and congratulations on such an excellent shoot.