Friday, 4 March 2011


I cannot BELIEVE it has taken us THIS long to get into Mad Men. God SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD. It is my favourite series since 24! (This is a serious statement)

I watched one episode and dragged my ass to Dalston to get me some falsies! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I cannot decide who I love the most. It is most probably January Jones though. She always looks amazing. I do want to scream at her though, but then I remember it is the 60's and times were different... Also she should dress like this is real life... Not like some Paris Hilton clinger on...

Peggy is also pure LOL. Wasn't she the girl from Girl Interrupted with the mangled face?

Don... Don don don... What a man. Although am I the only person who doesn't actually see why he is any good at his job? It seems to me like all he does is drink and doesn't come up with ANY ideas? And I genuinely just don't get the "LUCKY STRIKE, IT'S TOASTED."As the boardroom roars with applause? Seriously? REALLY?! I know this is their actual slogan, but continuity sucks, because LUCKY STRIKE started using that slogan in 1917. So there. He's still hot though... Also can you PLEASE stop cheating on your UBER HOT wife. Idiot...

And also sexy man from Sex and the City is in it. Top notch.

Go watch it!


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