Thursday, 17 March 2011


I got to see my beautiful friend Amy last week for dinner. We went to the amazing Little Bay in Farringdon. I have not seen Amy is WAY too long. There was also an opera singer on this night. FABULOUS (?) Little Bay is one of my favourite restaurants in London. It's always rammed and has a great atmosphere, and most importantly is dirt cheap!

I had goats cheese tart to start, followed by chicken with parma ham. We shared a beautiful banoffee pie for dessert. Was all fantastic. My personal HIGHLIGHT of the night was most definitely when a table of (clearly) american males, in the campest way possible, cooed and fanned their faces when the opera singer announced he was doing numbers from Les Mis. "OOH GOD I LOVE THIS ONE..." So the poor opera singer is trying to do this thing.... And the group then proceed to offer their services as they all sing (OF COURSE YOU ALL SING). The SHAME. The absolute embarrassment. Opera singer is a little put out, as the barber shop sextet start singing James Blunt songs (or something equally as crap...) I WAS MORTIFIED, Thank the lord I had my back to them.

I love Amy, seeing her reminds me of how much a miss her, need to make more of an effort. Do check out her music... in the form of Theoretical Girl, she has a beautiful voice.

London can be such a vortex sometimes. It sucks you in, everyone is so busy all the time. And before you know it, it's been six month- and six month too long- since you saw some of your bestest most dearest friends. I love London though, I love the fast pace and I genuinely think it is the most beautiful city in the whole world- especially in the sunshine.


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