Friday, 25 March 2011


Truly one the greatest films of all time. I remember secretly watching it as a child... Then begging my sister to buy it for me on VHS if I allowed her to name our cat Merlin (I wanted to call it Cole, after Newcastle United player Andy Cole?!?!?!? WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL was I thinking, thank god she called it Merlin- who may I add is still going strong)... She bought me Grease instead. Only film I LOVE Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in. Antonio wins though. Round of applause please.

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  1. Unabashedly goth revelation, very brave. Strangely, time has very much improved this film. When it first came out it was quite the joke, but I saw it again recently and thought it had aged very well. Perhaps it's just easier to imagine Cruise as the living dead now (how else to describe Scientologists)?

    Curious to read your thoughts on the Twilight series (books and/or films) in light of this vampiric fangirling. Consider this a request.