Wednesday, 9 February 2011


So Paul had done EXTREMELY well to keep my birthday present a secret, and didn't actually tell me until we were AT the airport! Much better than my attempt of last year spoiling Paul's bday surprise about 3months before we actually went. MAJOR FAIL.


So we get to Manchester Airport, after staying in a beautiful hotel after The Cult gig, shame I ruined the experience by having my head in the toilet for about an hour- DAMN STEAK. Paul announces we are going to Dublin. I LOVE DUBLIN. Haven't been in a couple years since I played a gig there, and the ferry ride home was hilarious. I remember Cherish's chair actually being thrown across the room with her in it? Fortunately we're flying this time.

We arrive at Dublin airport and take a taxi to our hotel- or should i say CASTLE. The castle was in the middle of nowhere, which suited me just fine. We had a rather ridiculously priced afternoon tea, and sat in a huge tudor bay window till it went dark, then went upstairs and watched a VERY VERY bad film- which somehow we managed to pay TEN POUND for?! We then had dinner in the hotel's michelin star restaurant. We sat by a log fire and ate amazing food. I could not face wine after last night, so a cranberry juice and an irish coffee (might as well) did me great.

The next day we traipsed around looking for Eddie Rockets, I had spent all morning BANGING on about it, so I was determined to go. We eventually found it, and it did not disappoint. Why don't London have Eddie Rockets?! SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE DINER.

We then went to an amazing tea shop, with the most insane amount of teas, I fell in love with a blood orange tea and bought a whole load of it.

Soppy, I know. And I really don't care! Please excuse.

Log fire


Plane ride home, came all too soon.

Thankyou Paul for a perfect birthday. LOVE YOUUUU


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