Friday, 25 February 2011


Let's start at the very beginning...

I cast my mind back six month ago, I did an event for Clinique. I taught them how to fit bras, in exchange they analysed my skin and gave me free products. How very nice.

Now before this meeting I had been perfectly happy with my albeit simple, but effective skincare regime. I used baby wipes to take off my make up and used a simple moisturiser. The skin care specialist was MORTIFIED with me, telling me I was ageing 800 years a second, and plied me with anti blemish products. (jeeeees I didn't even think I had that many spots......) RUDE

So anyway, I put my trust in Clinique, they are after all a market leader. They told me it would make me break out for the first couple of weeks. That I did. No matter, I figured it was cleansing me.... But what happens when the spots don't actually go?! I storm back to Clinique... They say keep at it, keep at it. Nothing, now 3 month on, I start noticing I'm getting seriously dry skin AS WELL as a few spots. So let me get this straight, my skin was OK ish with a couple of spots before Clinque, now it's DRY WITH MORE SPOTS?! My head was hurting. Then they made me spend another £30 on a moisture surge product. And I fell for it... I blame the strip lighting, it makes me nervous...

So six month on, enough is enough, I have to stay strong. Speech already planned out I approached the counter... I pretended I wasn't on any Clinique at all. She removes my make up and gives me a very automated, monotone, run of the mill consultation reading from a script as she analyses me... OK so what is her miracle solution....

"What you need is the anti blemish regime, it'll clear that right up."

"Oh that's strange, I've been on it for six month..."

"OH REALLY?!" nervous laughter "Erm, well..." Pause.... "That's weird...."

She then goes on to suggest another 4 products ON TOP OF THE THREE STEP?!?

"You're asking me to spend £170 on products that don't work?!" She was unable to provide any reason as to why the products did not work and why these extra ones would make a difference.... BYEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Marine swears by the French skin care brands, Vichy, Avene and La Roche Posay, so in desperation I head over to the stands to try and figure it all out. It's all too much choice and the strip lighting is making my skin look worse, especially since Clinique removed my make up.

Close to tears, ready to leave... My angel in white turns up. An off duty regional manager who represents Avene. Avene is available on prescription in France, all dermatologists use Avene, and can only be sold in shops that have a doctor or pharmacist on site. She told me Clinique had too many chemicals for me, and she was shocked I was put onto anti blemish straight away as my skin would have gone crazy with all the ingredients in it. She said my skin needed to calm down, and Avene's products have very very simple elements. She gave me a skin consultation in the shop and recommended a skin regime for me. So confident in her products she gave me her card and told me to call her in two weeks if my skin had not improved. I was not feeling confident at all so gladly took her card and kept it close to me for the next two weeks...

There was however no need. After the first two days my skin was reborn. Now I cannot stop talking about my new favourite products. They are cheaper than Clinique too. Win, win.

The hydrating serum in my personal fave. It plumps your skin right out and gives it a lovely glow. And what's more Boots have 3 for 2 at the moment what are you waiting for?!?!

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  1. Are you secretly working for them Sam?? Well if you are well done as you may have just made your first commision, told you I was a sucka for adverts!