Sunday, 2 January 2011


ORANGE WEDNESDAYS!!!! I love ORANGE. They made it possible to go to the cinema without breaking the bank. Me and Paul took my two nephews Michael and Jordan and my niece Jessica to see the latest in the series of the Focker films. Got to admit, hands up, I absolutely LOVE the first two. Robert De Niro (ace) Dustin Hoffman (double ace) and BARBARA STREISAND (holy moly what a cast.) What is not to love?! I think Bette Midler might be missing.

So after a MASSIVE bucket of popcorn and three Tango Iceblasters (WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY?!) later we get ourselves settled in the cinema. Reality check. This is a kids film, and the holidays, and it has the word FOCKER in the title. Therefore the cinema is full of fourteen year old chavs. Memories of fear come flooding back to me. Wait, am I actually scared of children!? Yes. I am. One of them behind me says something inappropriate. I turn round to look at him, trying not to make eye contact, afraid I may get beaten and to my amazement he actually apologises. OH DEAR GOD. Am I at the age where people think of me as an ADULT?! Excellent. I just roll my eyes at the boy and turn around huffing in disapproval as I am secretly smiling that they are scared of me. WIN.

The film itself isn't at strong as the first two. Still hilarious, but there comes a time when all good things run their course. Fockers, I think it's time to let it go now. Still worth a watch. If you have any children in your family I'd recommend using them as an excuse to go see it. This way you can still keep your cool... Blame the kids... They DESPERATELY wanted to see it. That's my story anyway.... mmmmmm

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