Thursday, 16 December 2010


Last week saw a triumph I cannot speak about yet... But team R O M A N C E are very excited. Lips firmly shut for the minute, but all will be revealed in time.

Wednesday night was a special night. After seeing both The Manics and Suede separately this year, XFM announced they would be sharing a stage in the form of XFM's winter wonderland.

After emailing everyone in my phone book for the sold out show, I managed to blag me and Paul passes. So after Paul was an HOUR late meeting me, I managed to avoid being mugged and beaten up in Brixton (they can obviously tell I'm from up North), we headed to mecca. Gotta say... totally honest Suede's acoustic set lasted , which lasted three songs, was not impressive at all. Felt a bit hard done by. Not exactly getting the crowd going.

Manics pulled it back with the classics.

Thursday I met Tonje in her new uber snazzy pad in Canary Wharf before she heads back to Norway for Christmas. Floor to ceiling windows, panoramic views etc. Own gym, swimming pool, lift, concierge. ROOM SERVICE to your room. I'll be having a word with my landlord back in Clapton later on, on how to improve his services. It felt very futuristic, lots of secret cupboards and buttons. So exciting.

However as I was on my way home, dreading the freezing climate in my Clapton one bed, jealous that I don't have video intercom, I realised I was excited. Even though you can actually see your breath in my little flat, I love it. I love the history in the walls. Yes i'd like it if the windows didn't have a draft gap, I would LOVE it if it didn't take 8 hours to heat up the living room, but I love the high ceilings, the beautiful grand structure, the pillars, I love the sash windows, I love the fact the building was built to last. Me and Paul are a sucker for old houses, even if it does mean the lights sometimes flickering and NEVER BEING ALLOWED TO OPEN one of the windows as it will never shut again. (big mistake last winter, took about 2 hours to shut it, as the counter balance has gone) none of that matters, because it's our home. Our little (cold) sanctuary. Nothing a few jumpers, hot water bottles and cups of (green) tea (of course) won't sort out. One day we do hope to move to a place with slight more mod cons, and a kitchen where more than two of the four hobs work, but for right now I'm more than happy with my lot.

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