Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Day three has consisted of triumphs, disputed transactions and moments of reflection. Alex and I stayed up till 5am last night watching Home Alone and chatting for nearly five hours about everything you could possibly think of.

I genuinely do not know where today has gone. Woke up at a reasonable 11 (Alex got up at 4:30- seriously have NO idea how he does it) had a pretty shit lunch, then watched Nowhere Boy- a genuinely beautiful film- I am glad I was able to enjoy it (for the second time) despite my dislike for The Beatles. I wasted 30minutes of my life on the phone to Barclays about a hotel that has stolen money from me. I hated the contact with the real world, I'd rather stay in this bubble and deal with it all when I get back, but needs must and I need that bloody money back.

Happy to announce David has finished his drums. 11 songs in two and a half days- well done David. Well. Done.



No one liked the fish cakes...

Me and David decided to make a fry up... and may I say a pretty damn good one.

The open fire is my personal highlight of the whole trip

Officially crossed off all drum parts. HIGH FIVE

Never play a china man at ping pong. It will only end in tears.

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