Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I will hear your call

I can take you away.
I will listen to your heart and I will catch your heartache as you fall.

Your hand is mine. As I lead you, you follow.
Blindfolded by your actions, deafened by your mistakes,
You follow me, broken and delirious. A blind man and his eyes.
You trust me and I am here. Always here.

Papercuts to my heart as you look me in the eye, afraid to meet my gaze.
Afraid of the inevitable disappointment.
Your lost expression tells all too well.
Your eyes darting, searching for the elixir, searching for the rights to the wrongs you have made. They were there all along.

Lost in oblivion as I find you there. Are you here?
Through the darkness comes a light, a light you have found.

You are still alive. You are there. Through the forest and the trees I can still see you.

You were never gone.

I will protect you.

I will take you away.

I will.

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